How it began
In 1946 the blacksmith, Johannes Tandrup, got a clever idea and founded his own company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His idea was to mass-produce household articles characterised by quality and innovation. His first product was a 14 cm chrome plated kitchen sink hose with an integral rubber hose. This became a big success, and to date several million hoses have been produced and distributed. As the company grew, other bathroom articles were developed, and a complete range of shower accessories were added to the product range.

The ingenuity is in the detail
In 1989 Tandrup became the first company to produce a self-cleansing hand shower with an integrated rubber diaphragm, the Easy-Clean system, which now is a must for other hand shower manufacturers.

Tandrup was also the first company to produce showers with the unique bayonet fixing principle. Later on a slider bar with a double action push lever function, enabling both children and disabled people to adjust the shower height with ease, has been added to the product range along with our unique intelligent water saving system.

Innovation and quality
Delivering good quality has always been at the heart of our business, and one of our basic beliefs is still that we will not deliver a product we are not proud of, and do not believe in. Thus, our emphasis on innovation and quality has not changed, and today we export 95% of our products to more than 30 countries.

Saving lives
Today we also focus on saving lives with our hollow fiber filter products that immediately protects the user from waterborne pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila. The shower and tap filters are marketed under the brand T-Safe® and all the processes around product development, production, quality check and marketing is handled from our head office in Denmark.

T-Safe® provides hospitals, care homes, councils and sports facilities with Point-of-Use filter products all over the world.   

Customised quality

Other than manufacturing standard bathroom accessories and water saving products, we specialise in customisation, and are able to customise the product down to the smallest detail. This means that we can assemble the perfect product according to the customer’s requirements, without compromising the quality of the product, or the special wishes the customer might have. In that way our focus is always on the product, the customer and the quality.

Less is more. Think small. Save big.

Working with Tandrup as a partner, you may choose between getting products from the Tandrup series with Tandrup’s name and logo, or having your own designs with standard Tandrup applications. In the later case, you save on development costs, as you are ensured functional products of proven quality. Whatever you choose, you may be certain we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Water preservation and innovation

Tandrup’s intelligent Water Saving System is a natural result of the company’s basic business ideas and the increased focus on the environment, and how to preserve water. This made the company’s experts ask themselves: ‘ How can we incorporate an intelligent way to save water into our products without compromising with the quality of the product and the user’s comfort? The result was Tandrup’s intelligent Water Saving System based perhaps on the smallest invention in the company historiy. Yet the ingenuity is in the detail, and today we export our system to more than 30 countries.