When it comes to water-saving solutions, Tandrup Water Solutionsis becoming so widely recognised and renowned that the company is the natural choice when visitors from all over the globe come to learn about Danish initiatives for environmental protection – including water and energy savings.

In the wake of the Ghanaian presidential visit to Denmark in October 2014, a large business delegation from Ghana has been travelling around Denmark with representatives from the African country’s Danish embassy to take a closer look at green technology. In Ghana, Denmark is known as a leading country within green technology and CO2 sustainability. This is an expertise and know-how which Ghana is keen to learn more about, as the country is suffering from resource wastages in several areas and needs to improve its ability to fully utilise resources.

According to Jacob Kahl Jepsen, who is Commercial Attaché at the Danish embassy in Ghana, the country is among those African nations currently experiencing growth. The country has gone from being a low-income country to being a mid-income country. There is positive growth and the country is politically stable. There is excellent progress in construction and smart solutions are being applied, ensuring that new homes, hotels and office buildings are prepared for the future whilst also saving water from the start.


Even if Ghana does not suffer from droughts, there is still inadequate access to water in large parts of the country due to infrastructure issues. As such it is crucial to fully utilise the few drops available, and Tandrup Water Solutions was a natural stop on the Denmark tour, as the company has developed a unique water-saving technology that ensures large savings for showers and sinks in both bathrooms and kitchens – without having a negative impact on user comfort.

Tandrup Water Solutions was the only company to receive a visit in all of North Zealand. A total of 14 Danish companies were on the list to visit, including Grundfos (pumps) and DanSolar (solar